Secrets of the Betfair Loophole – Trading For Guaranteed Profits

The advent of the Betfair and the other betting exchanges which emerged opened up a loophole to a whole new world of making money with betting. I don’t like to use the word ‘gambling’ as this isn’t how I see it – the real money to be made on Betfair is trading in other peoples’ bets.

So is there really a secret loophole in Betfair from which the likes of us can make a profit. The answer is definitely yes! But don’t worry, this isn’t some backdoor dis-honest system that will get you banned from Betfair – using the loophole they will still make their money! Betfair make their profits from commission and they have no interest who wins and who loses – as they middle man they always make their money.

The secret loophole on Betfair is all about finding niche bets where statistics prove you will make a profit. This is far easier than it sounds – there are certain sports and events where the outcome is far less predictable than others and by trading bets on these it really is possible to make some very healthy profits.

Think about this – in something like English Premiership football the experts who work for the bookmakers will have vast resources of data on which to base their odds. They will have histories of games, player performance, data on how teams perform against each other etc on which to set very accurate odds. In lesser known sports and events there are niches where it’s easy to trade bets on Betfair where you are making a profit from ‘mug punters’ – those who really are tossing a coin to guess an outcome!

The Befair Loophole System identifies dozens of these opportunties every day and allows someone with very little knowledge or time to churn out healthy profits. I’ve read that only 2% of people trading on Betfair actually make a profit long term and by playing this Loophole you can join those 2% rather than the gamblers, dreamers and no-hopers in the 98%.