Pros and Cons of the Martingale System

Gambling games like roulette do so much to prevent anyone from making profits off the game. This is the reason why, as a general rule, one must simply enjoy the game instead of aiming to make money from it. Doing otherwise can only result in frustration and disappointment.

Nevertheless, some people won’t just budge from the idea of winning roulette and are actively aiming to make money from it. To achieve such clear goals, they employ betting systems that can purportedly help them do so. Among this is the very popular Martingale system.

The Martingale has rather simple betting rules. As usual, the player will start off with a small amount on an even money bet like black or red. This amount is doubled if the bet loses, and is decreased if it’s lucky enough to win. As the bets are doubled, a single win can net twice the amount as the previous bet, which would mean recovery of all the lost bets plus a small profit on top of it.

This betting system has its own advantages and disadvantages however, and is neither fully effective nor suitable for everyone. Let’s go on dissecting, shall we?


1. Very easy to follow.

With a very simple way of progressing, the Martingale is one easy strategy to learn and apply. It’s not as complicated as Labouchere and Fibonacci, not as aggressive as Paroli, and definitely not as fallacious as L’Alembert. In other words, it is a betting system that even those new to roulette can easily master.

2. Sure profit in a single win.

As previously mentioned, a Martingale user will only need a single win to recuperate all the losses and get a modest profit. Winning a larger sum is also possible, provided that the player wins more than once.


1. A losing streak can ultimately lead to bankruptcy.

While one may be able to profit using the Martingale, it is also entirely possible for a player to have a long losing streak and not be able to recover the losses at all. Thus can this betting system lead you to bankruptcy as it can get you profit.

2. You’ll always lose if zero comes up.

Martingale is almost always applied to even money bets and rarely to columns, dozens, or groups of single bets. In the case of even money bets, the wager loses if zero comes up. For those who do not know, even money bets include red, black, even numbers, odd numbers, low numbers (1-18), and high numbers (19-36) – zero is not in any of them as you can see.

3. You can’t bet past the casino’s set ceiling amount.

Modern casinos usually allow players to bet only up to the specified maximum amount. Now how can this be bad for Martingale users? Well, even if you have a lot of chips to spare, reaching the casino’s ceiling amount and losing repeatedly would get you farther away from profit, as the strategy breaks at that point due to the fact that you can no longer increase your stakes.

So can we now conclude whether or not the Martingale is effective? Definitely not, as the system’s effectiveness lie on no other factor than the player’s luck.

How To Build A Massive Money Making Machine – Betting Horses On A Shoe String Budget!

This article will show you how to beat the “public” and almost every handicapper or tipster you’ll ever meet.

Before you can appreciate and understand how to make a living betting horses, it is appropriate to review first the fundamentals of horse betting and this horse racing systems that is 100% proven.

First understand that this is not another one of those redundant online articles that tells you, “the best way to make money betting on horses is to have a good horse racing system”. Wow. Now is that insightful information or what!?

This horse racing system article is probably going to be the most valuable this you’ll ever read. Because you’ll be able to take the words written here and immediately go bet on horses and start winning money. This system is 100% legal and has been around for decades. Like other horse racing systems, some are good and some are not so good. But one thing is for sure. This one is here to stay, and it is an explosive growth system that can compound your profits fast!

So what’s the big attraction to this horse racing system? Well, first of all it represents a wonderful opportunity for the “little fella” or beginner with little or no knowledge about the sport, to make a whole lot of money! Many earn well into the large 6 figures (over $1,000,000)! How is this possible? By making wise wagers, and compounding their profits. But more on that later.

Now, it’s a well-known fact that there are very few handicappers and even fewer horse racing systems that can come close to beating the public win percentage of 33% with any consistency. What the public win percentage means is, whichever horse is the betting favorite (or the horse the public bets the most money on in a race) will win on average 33% of the races. Believe it or not that figure holds true pretty much all over the world!

So, just follow the public and get rich right? You can’t lose! Wrong. The problem is that the average payout for a favorite is approximately 6/5 odds or $4.40 for every $2 wagered.

That means if you bet on 1,000 races and won 33% of your bets you would have wagered $2 to win on each race for a total of $2,000. You would have won 330 wagers at an average of $4.40 for a total of $1,452. That’s a loss of $548 or 27.4% of your hard-earned cash.

Notice in the previous paragraphs I stated the public’s winning average is 33%. That’s where we are going to start. We want to build off of that, and RAISE it 2-3 levels! In other words, you are going to end up with an automated horse racing system that is duplicative over and over again! Here’s how simple it is:

1.) Look at the odds board and find out who the 1st two betting favorites are in any race. Yes I said ANY race.

2.) If the 2nd choice is 3-1 odds or more AND every other horse is 4-1 or HIGHER…you bet on the FAVORITE to WIN only (regardless of the odds).

3.) If the 2nd choice is LESS than 3-1. Do NOT bet this RACE

4.) If the 3rd choice is 3-1 odds, or less. Do NOT bet this RACE.

There you have it. You have now learned the secret to cashing 43% or MORE of your WIN wagers.

So now you can get rich right? Hmmmm let’s see. If you wager on 1,000 races and win 43% at a 6/5 average payout, how much do you profit?

$2,000 wagered. $1,892 collected. That’s a small loss of $108 or 5.4%.

What if there was a way to wager on the favorite that would compound your winning time and time again? Well there is.

Making bets with real money is the kiss of death for most people! Let’s face it. Most people hate to think, can’t wait, and don’t want to exercise restraint! But don’t fret. Understand that if you are going to make money gambling, you “gotta” manage your own money. There is no other choice!

Another unique problem with “gamblers” is that they find it difficult not to try a million different things. That is, they jump from one horse racing system to the next, which one is the right one? Where do you find THE system that’s going to make you rich TODAY not in 1 year? Patience is not a virtue of the gambler.

Below I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to PROVE every word I’ve written here is gospel truth. Check out the statistics for yourself. Don’t buy any thing, or bet $1 until you KNOW this really works.

And after that decide how much you have to risk – because life is a risk. Anyone who tells you that his or her horse racing system is safe and risk-free is full of it. Nothing in life is for sure. And besides the sure thing is over-rated.

You can search the Internet for quality betting strategies or make up your own. THIS SYSTEM WILL WORK!

And as you can see, this is pretty low risk in that you are collecting almost a full half of all your wagers. You can find many horse betting books online that will offer help with money management.

Let’s Summarize

If you want to start on a shoestring, you can. But before anything else- prove this horse racing system works. Here’s how:

a.) Go to

b.) Click the RESULTS button

c.) Click the FULL CHARTS link

d.) Go through all the tracks and check out the results using the horse racing system above.

By using this proven horse racing system, you will see just how easy it is to beat the public, and use your own betting method. Start small and watch your profits multiply as if by magic. This is truly easy money!


Horse Racing: How To Grasp Profitcapping And Return On Investment

How to grasp Profitcapping and return on investment or ROI is the main reason for horse racing and not simply racing for the sake of racing. Players are there to make money or to profit. People handicap horses so they can pick the horse they believe is going to come across the wire and make them more money than they put in. Racing’s about investing and not gambling. All gambling is investing but not all investing is gambling. You can predict a thing by yourself but it takes two or more persons to bet. When you wager anything on a bet whether it’s a car, house, money, jewelry, etc. you’re gambling.

The difference between gambling and business investing is: when you have a 51%-100% chance of losing the endeavor you’re gambling and when you have a 49% or less chance of losing the endeavor you’re business investing. Every time you invest (gamble or business invest) you need to know you’re chances of profiting or losing money in detail. Taking a business perspective of racing is the most sensible option because racing has to seen for what it is: a business. Players don’t go into detail enough to study racing as a business overall.

Players consider handicapping the main way to think about making money. But it’s a matter of understanding ROI over months and years ahead. Knowing how much can be made on a long-term basis. As an example: lets say you take a simple random statistical sampling of 2100 trifecta payouts for one year. This amount turns out to be $220,000 after all payouts are added. A ticket for each race sampled is bought and the sum invested is $100,000. You lose 1000 races and win 1100 races. When the year is over you add up all of the money you got back after the investment and it turns out to be $120,000.

You made a $20,000 profit. But $220,000 minus $120,000 = $100,000 and this is the payout money you didn’t get. And if at the years’ end you get back $85,000 then your loss is $15,000. Or $100,000 minus $85,000 = $15,000. In other words it’s what you’ve invested plus or minus what you got back. If you put in $100,000 and get back $100,000 then you broke-even. This is how to grasp profitcapping and return on investment or ROI and what it’s all about. This isn’t all there is to Profitcapping. Indeed there’s much more to say the least.

This way you can see years ahead in the game. Profit or ROI in racing is simple. You endeavor to get back more than you put in for a specific time period. Be it a week, month, year or several years. Simple statistics lets you do this and know this in a highly specific way of how much money is there and how much must be spent buying tickets over that specific time period to make a profit or Profit – capping. Capping means the process of predicting a thing. What are you going to predict? the horses and the money. This is part of how to grasp profitcapping and return on investment.

Roulette – Rules and Regulations

The most recognizable luck game played regularly in online casinos and even in game rooms is Roulette. This game has easy rules which can be memorized easily and winning here is also easy as you bet on one number. This game is named after a French word “roulette” which means a small wheel.

This game roulette is related to Blaire Pascal the famous mathematician and the history of this game started with the ancient Romans. It has been divided in to two types or even called with two names in UK; such as even odd and the other game are called roll it.

Basically the roulette table is green in color and contains fields, numbers field and even more fields. All the number fields are divided in to rows and columns. The numbers start from one to thirty-six. All the numbers are divided so as to form three columns and many rows, with each row containing three numbers. The first row has numbers from one to three, and the second row has numbers from four to six, and so on. All the fields are colored and have different colors like red and black.

Here the goal of the bank is to win as much of money as can from the player. The main purpose of the player should be to remain with non-refundable amount o money through out the game.

Here in casinos, the croupier is the representative from the bank, while chips are being used by all the other players or betters, which in turn represents owned money. Changing money is possible and that to for free. Randomly, the players keep their respective checks on the fields of the table. See the place and keep a record of the place where you place the check. Only after everyone places their checks the croupier spins the wheel. There is a disk on a huge wooden plate, which whirls. The croupier tosses a ball on to the plate after turning round the disk.

The particular number wins where the ball stops. If some one wins the action, then the croupier give the money from the bank or other wise the player has to pay to the bank.

Only when the player runs out of the chips he looses, and the next way he can play is when he borrows some money. If the bank runs out of the money then the players break the bank up so by defeating it. As this game is purely based on luck, winning chances of the players are far too less than the winning chances of the bank.

Now a days this game has been very easier to play only due to internet. If you like playing this roulette then just look up on to the casinos which matches up to your desire and then click on them and then enter the site and start playing. Choosing from the varied websites is your option. Even then you are unable to decide to choose a particular website then there are many guides regarding gambling and by going through them you can pretty well make a decision.